GoldFish Report No. 53 ExoPolitics RoundTable Part 2 w/ Ambassador, COBRA, Randy Cramer and Rob Potter

Published on Jun 3, 2016

GoldFish Report No 53, The Ambassador welcomes guests COBRA, Randy Cramer and Rob Potter for our special ExoPolitics Round Table Series Part 2, to discuss the Psychology of Disclosure. This second rount table in our special Exopolitics series that focuses on the psychology of humanity during and after the disclosure proccess. Guests offered specific and critical intel and planning for humanity regarding the challenges humanity will face and overcome in the disclosure process. Disclosure in this case refers not only to the Extraterrestrial issue but also to the revealing of many hidden truths and revelations about the history of humanity that is in the planning process to happen by world governments and main stream media. To laern more about our guests please visit CObra’s blog at for Randy Cramer please visit, for Rob Potter please visit and for the Ambassador please visit To follow the GoldFish Report please subscribe to our YouTube Channels at Global Mission of Peace and The GoldFish Report, you can follow us on facebook at , and on our blog at

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