GoldFish Report No. 61, Featuring Duncan O’Finioan Part 2: A True Warrior’s Journey

Published on Sep 16, 2016

On GoldFish Report No. 61, Producer-Host Louisa gets up close and personal with Duncan O’Finioan, Part 2: A True Warrior’s Journey. Duncan discusses everything from Druid teachings to the Super Soldier Dis-info Circuit and describes in painful detail the real life experiences of an Augmented Asset (SuperSoldier) and how to tell the difference, and the life experiences that he must live with and heal from, with the strong support of his loving wife Susan. This is a must for any soldier or warrior on their journey to healing. Duncan discusses how being a Shaman healer and how using energy as a healing modality, is a powerful source for healing. Duncan teaches this at Metaphysical Matrix Center in Houston Texas as well as nationally. To learn more about Duncan’s Magikal, Tactical and Practical Seminars, Please visit Also, featured on this eposide is Grendyln Tucker, Intuitive healer and owner of the Counterpoint Metaphysical Matrix Center in Houston Texas. Please visit the above website for more information about this wonderful healing center. Also, Please visit us on facebook at and if you like our programming please subscribe to our YouTube Channel at The GoldFish Report.