GoldFish Report No. 63, ExoPolitics RoundTable 4 “EVERYTHING IS ENERGY- PART 1”

Published on Sep 27, 2016

On GoldFish Report No. 63, ExoPolitics RoundTable 4 ‘EVERYTHING IS ENERGY PART 1″. In this Part 1 of ‘Everything is Energy”, the Ambassador welcomes guests Capt. Randy Cramer, USMC,s.s., CIA Augmented Asset Duncan O’Finioan and A’drieiuious from New Lyra, and in Part 2, CObra will be joining us so please watch for this. This discussion focused on energy, free energy, photo-radionics, psionics, cymatics, Chi Energy, Time Travel, electromagnetics, humans as energy, schumann frequency and much more. Please share this on facebook and youtube and spread far and wide. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel at and follow us on facebook at If you like this kind of programming please visit our guests websites and support their work by making a donation so they can continue to bring you the information and knowledge that interests you. To learn more about Capt. Randy Cramer please visit and to contact Duncan O’Finioan use email/paypal address and for questions to A’drieuious, please email Copyright credit given to Nigel Stanford, Sony Music for a brief educational demonstration of frequency through their video.