GoldFish Report No. 64 ‘DisInfo Satire’ with Miles, Sgt. Dan & Max and Nicole

Published on Oct 28, 2016

GoldFish Report No. 64, Welcomes back Miles Johnston, Sgt. Daniel Brad MacBoland III USAF, Capt. Max and Nicole Steel to sort out the dilemma of dis-info in the alternative media with a little light hearted satire. No satire would be complete without some political humor in this presidential election along with various other topics circulating on social media. Special announcement made of our GoFundMe page on Facebook to help donate to our Light Warriors who have sacrificed so much to bring us their stories on The GoldFish Report. Please help us to continue bringing these stories to you by supporting the brave people who have lived to tell them. Also please subscribe to our YouTube channel at and follow us on our 24/7 News page on Facebook at and at our blog on wordpress at Also, please visit Miles on facebook at The Bases Project and to learn more about Max visit