GoldFish Report No. 86 Duncan O’Finioan and wife Susan Talk About the World of MicroCurrents

Published on Mar 30, 2017

On GoldFish Report No. 86 Wizard Duncan O’Finioan and his lovely wife Susan join us from their healing center in Texas to discuss , secrets of energy like never before. Duncan and Susan help to explain the revelations published by David Icke of Princess Diana. They share with us insight about individuals with negative energy and negative energy removal and explain the energy of our planet and how we interact with it and can use it to our benefit for the good. Duncan and Susan discuss how energetic ‘residue’ of negative people, events and energetic parasites need to be cleared from our auras and they explain how to protect our ‘energy shield’ from further negative energy contamination. To find out more about energy work, readings and protection please visit and Centerpoint for Body Mind and Spirit in Houston Texas. Energy worker Grendl joins in and discusses the energetic protection properties of different crystals and offers readings by phone and skype. These stones can be seen on the GoldFish Report website and some have been made available due to popular demand, and are available to purchase at To contact Duncan use email or call Centerpoint Mind, Body Spirit at 713-932-7224. To Follow us on Twitter please use @ReportGoldFish, you can like us on facebook at, our blog at, and subscribe to our YouTube channel at TheGoldFish Report. To help support our viewer supported social media please visit to make a donation, or please visit our vendor site where a portion of proceeds from sales helps to underwrite the production of our reports and marketing of our social media. Thank you for viewing!