Winston Shrout: Fresh Look at Tactics – Disc One Preview

Published on Nov 3, 2017

A preview of Winston’s “A Fresh Look at Tactics” presentation. About a year ago, a friend and I did a series of webinars basically relating to elements which might be useful in a civil court situation. Because webinars are interactive events, we attempted to address questions as they came in. This led to some interruptions in the narrative. In an attempt to produce a continuous thought process, we at WSSIC decided to perhaps put it ‘all’ back together in the form of a single topic 3 DVD set called “A Fresh Look at Tactics”. This DVD has three basic portions … general discussion, technology, anecdotes of how we have handled various situations in court. This presentation is the first of the three portions. In past interviews with the Goldfish Report/Country Roads I have referenced various DVDs which would be helpful to the listeners. This portion of Fresh Look at Tactics is an example typical to our usual productions. Enjoy. -Winston