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  1. I finally got set up for this, though with everything else I do, I don’t know that I’ll be very active on this forum.

    Besides unleashing the potential in banana peels (all conscientiously source separated food waste, empowering microbes to transform the food waste into “Magic Soil”

    Another area of interest (and some knowledge) is re-creating Vibrant Health, having the courage to to challenge the church of modern medicine.


    1. What IF… we consider simptoms of dis-ease as a messenger, trying to tell us that we’ve allowed our body’s natural defense / immune system to become compromised, that it’s time to focus on re-building our body’s natural defenses, vegan organic food choices, detoxifying (www.alphamagic.org/healing/detoxifying.htm) and shifting to saturating with empowering references.. e-mail me directly to get more information jac@alphamagic.org


  2. Stefan deserves to be complimented. Yesterday morning, 10/17, he achieved a major milestone in developing the financial section of his project plan, specifically the 5 year pro-forma cash flow section of his master spreadsheet in QuattroPro (not using Excel). He’s seeking some help from others to gain better input on monetary values, like expected monthly cost of electric service for the Vitalmed Healing Center for blind children in Romania.

    Stefan invested in buying MicroSoft Project 2010 and WordPerfect Office 7, to help him develop his project plan. He’s been investing time and energy, (L)Earning the skills enabling him to develop his project plan. He’s living proof that people can do it.

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  3. In the wee hours of the morning I had a delightful imagineering session. With our technologies and insights, large scale composting of food ‘waste’ can be very profitable; > 45% of gross operating revenues.

    We can use some of that to develop videos and other programs designed to empower others to create vibrant health, co-creating a much better world for all of us.

    I understand that the pharmaceutical industry spends $11 million a day on trying to make people drug dependent, to believe that they need their over-priced and dangerous drugs instead of eating more Organic Spinach and Cruciferous vegetables.

    I believe we can help empower one another. I’ve been known to use covert means to quickly help people to break free from “Stinkin Thinkin”, and unleash more of their potential, while enjoying the process, or not even realize what is happening.

    Henry Ford said: “If you think you can, or, you think you can’t; you’re probably right”. My personal success journals help reinforce my knowing I can. http://www.alphamagic.org/success lets you see volume one and two of my personal success journals. I am now at #150 in Volume #4.

    We can steeple our fingers with just a casual thought, no need to understand the names of all the bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves & neuro-transmitters. We can steeple our fingers with just a casual thought. What else can we do… with just a casual thought?

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  4. Question for Kent Dunn: On Kent Dunn about the collapse of the dollar, obviously it will happen before the RV.. Then, how long after the collapse before the RV will occur.?.


  5. I’ve not been to your website before today. Was interested in the #79 roundtable discussion sent to me by a friend. I was disappointed with the difficulty in understanding COBRA. In future, when such mechanical distortions are used to cover his voice would you post put his comments on screen as he speaks? Much of the detail in his comments is lost in the voice modulation software. Thanks.


  6. Love the goldfish report with Kent, very informative. Been watching them since the begging. Thanks for taking the time to do these. I am also a Gary Larabee follower where I first listen to Kent.
    Love ya booth.


  7. Louisa and Kent–you are doing a most amazing and wonderful job! Thank you for your dedication to getting out the truth, despite the interference. I love listening to you each week and will making a donation to keep you going (if I can find out how to do that!–Please let me know!) The truth will prevail–as Buddha said: The only things that can be hidden are the sun, the moon, and the truth. Keep on keeping on! Love you both!!


  8. Hi Louisa,Love your show. My name is Ian Cotterall I live in Townsville Australia State of Queensland, Liked a lot of what Scott Werner said, but was a little concerned when he rattled on about the Jesus stuff and mentioned the time frame that the bloke was supposed to live in. How is it that a fellow with that amount of spirituality can subscribe to the idea of Jesus and the scourge to the planet that christianity caused. not to mention the 42 different historians that never mention him. as far as I know there is no hard evidence to support his existence, other than the so called history of the Roman Church. I’m an ex-member of the Morman Church, LDS. and know how that Church operates, had 15 yrs experience with it. It really amazes me that spiritual people with lots of good info mention his name. Makes me wonder how good the info is, which is disappointing as I liked a lot of what he said. I’ve been a truth seeker for a long time and get frustrated by these people quoting religion.


  9. Man know thyself. You must rid yourself of your contradictions. How can you be in unity when you still see yourself as belonging to a ‘nation’?

    the inhabitants of earth are still being controlled by their mental programming. The world is a reflection of this.

    To see a new world we must move back into the heart of our knowing.


  10. I couldn’t find another place to post this so I’m leaving a comment here. The video link is not working for The Goldfish Report No. 181 Uniting the Light Disclosure Roundtable with COBRA, James Gilliland, Kauliapele and Winston Shrout. It just goes to a “This video is not available” on YouTube. Is there an alternate link to a non-YouTube location? Thank you!


  11. Luisa, PLEASE see about including Jared Rand as a regular caller in. He should have a professional platform to deliver his information. Please consider this. He’s calling on RTC and it’s awful there. How can I send you his email ? I did post on Twitter but not sure if you check it. Thank you.


  12. Another timely and beautiful show!! Thank you so much Dr Werner and Louisa and of course St Germaine. The words that Dr Werner spoke about you Louisa is exactly what I feel in my heart too. Thank you for being a Light and sharing and caring.


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