This Blog is an extension of the GoldFish Report that is published at It is intended to offer more in depth research on the subjects we present on The GoldFish Report and future topics of interest. We hope you enjoy and visit often! -Peace


Our GoldFish Report website is currently undergoing maintenance during this holiday season and will resume publishing our GoldFish Reports soon. Please enjoy these stories most of which are not available on our facebook page, and please feel free to like, follow or comment. As Always, we invite our viewers to share stories and comments. Thank You For your Patience!


5 thoughts on “Announcements”

  1. Louisa, please try to get Jared Rand on your show. If you’re not familiar with his name google his name and 11/19/2017 for the most uplifting interview ever


  2. Hi Louisa,
    I enjoy your site very much. Keep having informative quests on with different perspectives. Our Country is going through an AWAKENING. Here are a few warriors like you I follow. All are involved in this AWAKENING and existing the MATRIX. ,davidicke.con,,neilkeenan
    I believe Anna Von Reisinger would be a great guest. She will give you information on how far we have come with our Republic and AWAKENING.

    Semper Fidelis
    Donald J Brickham


    1. Your Video with Cobra and James Gilliland has been blocked. Don’t stand for your reports to be blocked, find another Venue to download on your site and get this video working.


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